Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene

(Source: NASA picture, August 24.)

What to do? I keep checking the sky (from my window) and reading the latest updates online. This will be my first hurricane experience since I've lived here. So, it may sound weird, but I find waiting for Irene pretty exciting.

It's anticipation and 'not-knowing" at the same time. If you know what that feels.

Irene is BIG. Really big and spectacular and unpredictable. Here's how Irene looks like from the space station two days ago. Click on this BBC link.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DC's local economy :)

The amount of money spent to influence elections has been steadily climbing.

During the 2008 election cycle, more than $5.2 billion was spent by candidates, political parties and interest groups, according to data compiled by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics

In 2010 -- a year that did not include a presidential election -- $3.6 billion was spent. Of course, 2012 has the potential to break all records.

Only 0.04% of Americans give in excess of $200 to candidates, parties or political action committees -- and those donations account for 64.8% of all contributions.

Source: Starbucks boycotts DC on CNN Money.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Political ads on K St.

So, I see this "face" -- Obama and Bush smiling at me every morning on my way to work. This is so DC, and so K St. so I thought, I'd post it. I don't recall seeing this ad in San Francisco recently.

DC streets abounds with political ads. And K St. is crawling with lobbyists and lawyers. Ergo, to find the strongest lobby groups, check out the ads on the bus shelters on K.

But it works. I went to the website to find out who's better on AIDS.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How many signs do you need to understand, no?

Apparently, on 19th and (I) Eye, it's five times.

This is literally a 10-foot sign post.

It's funny how you notice things when you have a small camera.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

$40,000 for parking space in DC area

My nephew from Florida almost got a heart attack when I told him that the average cost of parking space in condo is $40,000. So this morning, I took these pictures of cars parked in my 'hood to show to him.

See Jo, this is how my car will look like when I buy a condo without parking garage. Maybe the pictures will help him understand why parking is big deal in where I live.

DC snowstorm '09

For someone who grew up and lived most of her life near the equator, snowstorm is sort of big time life's experience. (Ok, maybe that sounds SO dramatic.) Call it being one with the elements. (Ok, ok, I'm being dramatic!) And so, yesterday afternoon, despite warnings to stay at home, I decided to go for a long walk in the middle of the snowstorm. I called Kate and urged her to go out, "it's not every day we get this, you know."

I didn't really make it that far. My fingers were frozen and hurting. Metro closed shopped and the buses stopped running around 2 pm. I could walk some more miles but I was afraid I'd not make it back home. I stayed around my 'hood.

Would you rather stay inside your cosy apartment and watch the snowstorm from the window or go out and get cold?

Like most Washingtonians, I opted for snowstorm experience outdoors.

Makes me feel so alive!

Here's a link to Washingtonians take on this snowstorm.

Kids have natural instinct to play.

Sorry, no bus today!

Thank God for indoor parking!

It will be a long walk home today!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The National Christmas Tree goes green

Last night, the Obamas lit The National Christmas Tree, an American tradition dating back in 1923. It was a perfect night for the lightning ceremony. It's full moon and the evening's breeze was pleasant.

So after working late at the office, I walked to the Ellipse to see the National Christmas tree before going home.

What a beauty! And here's what I love most about this year's National Christmas Tree--- it's the most energy efficient National Christmas Tree in history. The tree was outfitted entirely in LEds. It consumes 6,000 watts compared to last year's 18,000 watts. Green tree. I'm happy.